Play music is an opportunity to express yourself


Bexley Guitars gives you tuition in guitar, bass and ukulele from complete beginner to advanced, all styles and levels.
Jacinto Pita is your guitar teacher, he provides one-on-one lesson in the shop and will tailor lessons to suit your individual need.  


We are here to help you to reach your potential, learning, courage, express yourself to bring the joy of music and live well.

Keep learning, keep practicing and keep active. Music adds a colour into your life.


The length of our guitar lesson is one hour session @$55 per hour.

Flexible lesson times can be arranged to suit each student.  Lesson package deal is available when you purchase 10 lessons and you will receive 1 lesson for free.


We offer “Half Hour Beginner Guitar Lessons for children aged under 10 years Program”.

  • Price is @$300 for 10 off half hour lessons as per program
  • Only available on weekdays 9am-5pm

music adds a colour into your life