ARMOUR POWERSOURCE 2 Pedal Power Supply With 8-way Daisy Chain + Extra Connections Included


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The ARMOUR POWERSOURCE 2 features a Regulated 9v power supply with 8-way daisy chain design and uses a 1.5a output and comes with extra adaptors. The perfect power supply for musicians using power intensive pedals and complimented by a wide variety of power input adaptors. This version is designed for use within Australia, New Zealand and any other country that uses a Type I plug.

Additional adaptors included

  • 2 X Battery Clip – For pedals only able to power via 9v battery
  • 2 X 3.5mm Jack – For vintage pedals using a 3.5mm jack power input
  • 1 X Male to Female Daisy Chain Adapter – Add another daisy chain to power even more pedals