Hohner Enthusiast Series Blues Bender Harmonica in the Key of C

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Enjoy music with Hohner.  The Hohner Blues Bender has extra thick reed plates, which makes for a better sound and better tone.  A harmonica is small enough to put in your pocket, but with a sound big enough to fill the room.  Great for beginners and enthusiast players.




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Blues is one of the most expressive musical genres there is. The harmonica is a perfect match for its style and sound.  Start on a journey into the world of blues, learn how to bend notes and create that real blues sound.  Harmonicas are the perfect companion for any and all situations. It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer or if you want to play solo or with friends.

The Hohner Enthusiast Series Blues Bender features:

  • 10-hole diatonic harmonica
  • Plastic ABS comb
  • 10 blow reeds and 10 draw reeds
  • Suited to Blues and note bending
  • 3 octave diatonic range
  • Comes with harmonica case
  • Include a bonus, all instruments in the Enthusiast Series include a code for 30 days free lessons on David Barrett’s website