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CJP Arts Pty Ltd ABN 20 129 457 754 (referred to as “Bexley Guitars”). it’s accepted that you have read and understand the terms and conditions as set out below and agree to be bound by them. This contract will only commence between you and when an order is received from you. reserves the right of refusal of any order.


As product description, availability and prices can change, Bexley Guitars will not warrant the accuracy of information on this site. While all due care is taken we are also not responsible for any typographical errors in pictures, descriptions and prices.


In order to purchase products and services as listed on the site, you must register as per the site with the appropriate information. This information must be truthful and accurate and maintained by you, should our customer service need to contact you at any time. We would request that you contact Bexley Guitars immediately should any unauthorised use of your account occur or any breach of security.


You hereby authorise Bexley Guitars to debit your credit card or other methods of payment of goods and services. Payments can be made within Australia via the following

Credit Card. We accept both Visa, Master Card and American Express through the PayPal gateway.

PayPal.  This gateway is also available for payment.


You, as an account holder acknowledge Bexley Guitars’s ownership of the following:

All rights to intellectual property

International copyrights, patents

Trademarks, trade secrets and any other materials provided throughout the site is owned or held by Bexley Guitars and or company suppliers associated with Bexley Guitars.


All prices are listed in Australian Dollars and GST is included.

Pricing is subject to change without prior notice.


We do not guarantee to match our website prices on products for sale on our shop floor. This is necessary due to the cost of receiving, handling, storing and displaying products, as well as allowing you to physically try and test the product before purchase.


The return of any items is subject to the following conditions

Items Accepted for Return

Faulty product

Incorrect supply

Non-compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Return Conditions

Goods to be returned within 7 days of purchase. Outside this time frame is not acceptable.

Authorisation for the return of products must be obtained prior to the return of the goods, otherwise it will not be accepted. A return Authorization Form is available by contacting Bexley Guitars directly.

The Original Bexley Guitars Invoice must accompany the goods.

Products are returned at the purchaser’s expense, and responsibility is the purchaser’s until received by Bexley Guitars.

Any products damaged in transit to the customer will be replaced by Bexley Guitars.

Any evidence of usage or misuse eg. Marks and or minor damage will not be accepted.

Opened products will not be accepted unless faulty.

Returned products will be exchanged for the same or similar products, or a Bexley Guitars credit will apply.

Any refunds are at the discretion of Bexley Guitars and verified prior to the return of any goods.

Freight components are not refundable.

Revision of this policy may occur from time to time by Bexley Guitars without notice.

Items Not Accepted for Return

Due to copyright, any printed material eg. Print music in any form. Recorded music / CD/ DVD. Software in any form.

Should a customer have a change of mind; all purchases are binding.

For hygiene purposes any blowing products eg. Reeds, mouth organs, percussion products, wind instruments and any other associated products.

Packaged consumables eg. Guitar strings, cables etc.

Special Orders are treated as firm orders and not accepted for return.


Anyone is free to access anonymously without any disclosure of information.

Bexley Guitars does not collect or hold personal information other than what is provided via the site with regard to the opening of an account.

All personal information is held by Bexley Guitars and is not disclosed to a third party without the clients consent. This may be overridden by law enforcement agencies in regard to investigations of illegal activities.

Bexley Guitars does from time to time collect data in regards to clients viewing experiences thus helping us to improve the site and to be more user friendly.

The data collected is only statistical information and not of a personal nature in any way.

This policy is constantly under review and subject to change without notice.


On all small to medium items, these are shipped within Australia. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to email us for further options.

Freight is non refundable. The risk of the goods passes to the customer upon delivery to the given address.


Orders may be placed by phone or online via the website

Bexley Guitars reserves the right of acceptance of orders and will contact you via phone or email to confirm. We will do our utmost to provide quality customer service at all time and therefore request that the correct delivery information be supplied at the time of order placement.

The risk of the goods passes to the customer upon delivery to the given address.


Orders may be placed by phone or online via the website

While most items displayed on the Bexley Guitars website are normally in stock, please note that some products may need to be ordered from suppliers, and some delays could occur depending upon availability from those suppliers. We will do our utmost to contact you as soon as possible should disruption occur to your delivery.


All products displayed on the site are covered under the Suppliers limited warranties. Terms of these warranties may vary depending on the supplier.

For further information either call +61 2 9597 4307 or email


Subject to this agreement Bexley Guitars agrees to grant a limited, non transferable, non-exclusive licence for the following. All items under this agreement are copyright protected. These must be retained on all or any copies thereof.

Bexley Guitars reserves the right to change the terms under this licence at any time without prior notice.

The only alterations permitted by are in relation to transposition via the application supplied or third party recommended for use on the site.

To print one (1) physical copy for your sole use (in the case of Print Music), unless otherwise notified

To install one (1) application on your computer solely for your use in conjunction with that service


The following will apply

You are not permitted to download the said material to any computer, or any other computer storage device, thus enabling you to make copies in any form.

You are not permitted to modify the work in any way whatsoever.

Restrictions apply to any form of distribution, resale, loan, rental or sub licence of the material.

Applications, these will follow as no.2 (Under the heading Digital License)


To use this digital download facility on you will be responsible for the following compatible hardware, printer and other related equipment. This must be kept in good working order. A high-speed internet connection to access the services.

Bexley Guitars will not be liable for any issues relates to internet connection, or equipment failure. Eg. The inability to print an item due to your equipment, that being a computer, printer or any other related equipment.

Any reference to third party software eg. CD/DVD media player etc. should be taken as advice with no guarantee of performance.

For any issues with third party software, they should be taken up with the relevant company concerned. Any licence agreement with a Third Party Software provider has no relevance to this licence agreement.


We/ may terminate this agreement for any reason.

Upon termination all licenses will cease and will have no liability to you for the termination of this agreement. Following termination, the following headings will still be in effect. LICENSE RESTRICTIONS and COPYRIGHT.